In addition to 2.5M Recall signatures, Newsom being SUED for abuse of emergency powers & violation of Constitution!

Back in November, a California Superior Court ALREADY ruled against Newsom, saying he exceeded his powers when enacting changes to Elections Code for the Nov. 3, 2020 election.

BUT will Biden & Kamala admin now shield their devout Deepstate puppet?

Governor Newsom has abused his emergency powers, has violated our constitution,” Assm. Kevin Kiley said.

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They hope to defend a court’s ruling late last year the governor abused his emergency powers in response to the pandemic.

“California has not been well-served by one-man rule. We are asking the court of appeals to affirm the superior’s court’s decision and protect our representative government from the abuses of this or any future Governor,” the assemblymembers said.


h/t surubao


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