In Afghanistan, the Mission Failed, not the Troops

by Chris Black

This Movie is dedicated to the Gallant People of Afghanistan:

It seems to be some confusion as to why right wingers like yours truly are supporting a US defeat in Afghanistan. 

I definitely don’t get it. 

I mean, do you really believe that the US government is representing you? As in, American, founding stock, interests? Do you think that the US army, the new woke/transgender/pro gay US army is fighting wars for defending America’s interests?

The US army is a contractor based mercenary army (there’s no draft and the troops get paid), which is used by the elite cabal to implement the Globo Homo agenda. 

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And this is nothing new. War is a racket. 

And the same army will be used against you to when, not if, the feds will implement gun confiscations, forced vaccinations and stuff like that. 

There’s no thin blue line. Wake up. 

This is what US soldiers were fighting in Afghanistan for 20 years:

Afghan people, a tribal mountain people, were force-fed gender theory for 20 years, as the mission was to destroy the patriarchy and replace it with the sick perverted system that we have in the US, i.e. a feminist and gay-anal democracy

What happened was that the US troops who were sent in Afghanistan under the pretext of taking revenge for 911, ended up fighting for women’s liberation and trannies. 


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