In Belgium, a cat has been infected with COVID-19 by a human. The cat has shown symptoms as well

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by Baalk_

In other words, animals, well at least cats have been confirmed so far, can get infected with the beer virus, it means they can spread it. If dogs can get this virus too, then north america is fucked for real.

Also, Cats > Humans


Google’s shitty translation:

Cat infected with coronavirus by owner in Wallonia A cat has been infected with the coronavirus for the first time in our country. This was reported by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Liège. The animal lived in close contact with its owner. A week after the owner developed symptoms, the animal also developed symptoms, “said virologist Steven Van Gucht. “It was diarrhea, vomiting and breathing difficulties. The researchers found the virus in the cat’s feces. ”

“Isolated case” The animal is now improving. De Gucht insists that this is an isolated case in our country. In Hong Kong, an infection was previously reported in two dogs, but those animals had no symptoms. “There are no indications that this is common,” it says. “It is also important to note that it was a transfer from human to animal and not from animal to human. The virus does not normally pass from animal to human. We therefore consider the risk to people to be small. ” In the meantime, the Federal Food Agency has made a number of recommendations, which should primarily protect pets.

Do not test If an owner becomes infected with the coronavirus, it is requested to keep the animal inside and to keep contact between owner and animal to a minimum. In the event that the owner has to go to the hospital, a roommate or close acquaintance can take over the animal’s care.

The Scientific Committee does not recommend that pets suspected of being contaminated be tested “until the diagnostic capabilities have increased drastically”. Pet euthanasia of corona patients is also not an issue. After all, everything seems to indicate that the animals develop an infection without symptoms or a non-lethal variant of the disease.



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