In case you don’t know Russia will disconnect itself from internet on 1st November due to possible “worlwide internet shutdown”

The bill was passed in April 2019.

On 1st November Russia will conduct a test to be able to work on internal network in case worldwideweb goes down.


RUSSIA is poised to disconnect itself from the internet as part of its escalating cyber war with the United States.

The dramatic shutdown planned for this week is part of a scheme by Moscow officials to sever the entire nation from the global internet.

Instead, Russia’s web will operate on an internal network isolated from the rest of the world.

Dubbed RuNet, the setup is intended to shield Russian communications from cyber attacks from government hackers from the US and UK.

It’s also part of preparations for a potential cyber war with the US that could see Donald Trump shut down Russia’s web access.

Moscow has openly discussed the project for months, and tests will finally begin before November 1, according to several state-run media outlets.

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