In Case You Missed It – Quick synopsis of the last week or so:

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by mintyfresh

  • DOJ moves to drop Flynn case after review by US Attorney Jensen (MO)
  • Grenell returns cleared House Intelligence Committee transcripts to Schiff, says he’ll release them if Schiff doesn’t
  • transcripts show Obama (and others) knew about the Flynn surveillance from Sally Yates’ testimony
  • transcripts show Crowdstrike CEO did not have any direct evidence that the DNC was hacked by Russia or that Russia provided any (presumably hacked) DNC data to Wikileaks
  • transcripts also show NO Obama admin official had any evidence of Russian collusion
  • Obama comments on rule of law being endangered by all this in “private” conference call with 3000 followers
  • Leftists as a whole go insane


  • Grenell takes a satchel of documents to Barr at DOJ – these likely include the declassified list of names who were involved in unmasking Flynn in surveillance documents, a VERY big no no in this case
  • Barr assigns two additional US Attorneys (Jensen and Shea) to assist Durham due to increasing case load in his investigation






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