In just 3 months, Tesla has issued 80% of the shares ARK’s valuation model projected they would issue through 2025.

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by thri54

Their model is beyond amateurish. They missed Tesla’s diluted share count by over 100M in their newest model. And before anyone mentions possible buybacks, their model already includes a $300 billion cash pile in 2025 to pad their EV/EBITDA PT. No room for buybacks in their modeled capital allocation.

And that’s just what’s provably wrong with the model. Will Tesla create a human ride hail service with 3x more revenue than Uber in less than 5 years? Will Tesla become the most profitable insurance company in the US in under 5 years? Will Tesla sell sedans and crossovers at the same gross margins of Ferrari? I can’t say, but these are all standard assumptions made in ARK’s “bear case” — An odd context for the term.

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I wouldn’t be so crass if they actually learned from their mistakes, but they don’t. Their year end 2019 model projected Tesla would issue 30 million more shares through 2024; 900M to 930M split adjusted. They issued 55M in 2020 alone. 34M were attributable to capital raises. Maybe that would be a good time to step back and check what the diluted share count would be in the event Tesla hit their PT? I could almost forgive a hobby investor missing the dilutive effect of, at the time, anti-dilutive convertibles and stock options. Not a firm like ARK, but a hobbyist. They brazenly miss their share count estimate, take no further look as to why they missed, and, by some miracle, totally miss the dilutive share count & effects plastered all over Tesla’s filings since Q1 2020.

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To be blunt, these guys are either dumb or deceitful. To those who invest in ARK funds, this is the level of DD you get. Caveat emptor.

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