In London, A Day of Rage Attempts to Bring Down the Government

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by Mark Angelides

Protestors took to the streets of London purportedly in response to the tragic fire at Grenfell Towers; but the reality is that this is nothing but the Militant Left using undemocratic means to force another election. Politicians are to blame for this directly; it is no coincidence that Labour Shadow Chancellor, John McDonald, several days ago called for a million people to take to the streets and force an early election…and then people take to the streets?!?!?!
This is not a Grassroots movement of spontaneous uprising; it is a well-organised and well-funded protest with the aim of removing a democratically elected leader from government.  The very fact that even its organizers are calling it #DayofRage should give you some idea of how peaceful this was designed to be. It is the Momentum group that saw Labour leader, Jeremy Corby, into his role and it the the Momentum movement that is seeking to hand the levers of government to the guy who lost by quite a startling amount of votes.
Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, John McDonald, is one of the prime movers behind this event; and to give you a rough idea of what he hopes it will be, look at his comments during the 2010 riots in the UK: “It just needed the one small spark way back in November before last, of the students kicking the s**t out of Millbank and then that spark lighting all the combustible material – that then brought people out in March, June and then November, and that’s the best of our movement and it’s still there, you know it’s still there.”
And if you are in any doubt just how anti-Western and anti-Democratic this march and its organizers re, remember that this is not the first #DayofRage this year. Just a month ago, the terror group Hamas called for #DayofRage. An d days before that, Palestinians had organized a #DayofRage over hunger strikers in Israel (who strangely enough were putting on weight). And back in February, we ad Iran’s #Dayof Rage which was essentially just an excuse to spends some American Taxpayer money on US flags and burn them for Facebook pics and Instagram.
This march is a joke. They are marching against the people who voted for the Conservative party, and looking to remove their right to choose whichever feeble minded candidate they please. This is not democracy, it is the vocal minority having the whip hand over those that are getting on with their lives and going to work.

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12 thoughts on “In London, A Day of Rage Attempts to Bring Down the Government

  1. Oh, yes? And YOUR “circus” “reality TV” elections? The biggest joke of all time… have a good look in a mirror.

    • Now now little royalist … we’ve saved your ass multiple times since we TRUMPED you in the revolution. Be respectful of Big Poppa or we won’t be so willing to save you from the Moose-limb invasion taking down your country.

    • I agree with your points, but Trump did get elected, which is causing the deep state / cabal no end of problems. Sometimes the little people can actually win. This really has to piss off the Rothschilds and friends big-time. After all, they have owned us for centuries…

      • the deep state dont care who is in ‘power’ they are above that shit. However Trump is their favorite, he is best for profits to MIC, he is going to ramp up the state of fear and division and all the swamp people that were going to be exposed in the draining of said swamp realised he hasnt got the first idea how to drain a bath let alone a swamp. As for rothchild and co they are laughing all the way to the bank, geting ready to make the peasants pay, and therefore borrow loads of cash for war.To be fair the democrats must be in cahoots cos no one can be that stupid.
        But you know all this anyway

        • no trump is merely the latest facade. they will ramp up the fear etc for more division. however,i doubt they even think about where all of this will leave the country. most likely it will come back and bite them in the ass,as the french revolution did to the aristocratic instigators.

      • you must be joking or clueless. no president is ever “elected”. all are chosen and placed. voting is a game played on the sheeple.

  2. The bigger issue here is ” why has the legitimacy of the conservative government come to question.
    You cant buy trust, you have to earn it.
    In this case I can truly say “Trust” is gone” .
    This spells out the end of Theresa May premiership.

  3. I see your dig at the hunger strikers, yeah, wonder why you needed to put that in ? Utter bollocks mind you but ssay hey.

  4. Government psyop towards implementation of martial law progressing nicely. Call in the cavalry, the citizens are revolting!

  5. too bad they are not trying hard enough. perhaps they should review the french revolution for hints on how to take the govt down,which includes removing the old hag from her lavish lifestyle.

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