In many states, the majority of new deaths are in nursing homes—up to 90% in some states such as Connecticut.

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A ‘shocking’ two-thirds of patients recently hospitalized in NY had been staying home.
“They’re not working; they’re not traveling,” Cuomo said. “… They were predominantly at home.”

Nearly 90% of the COVID-related deaths recorded by the state last week occurred in nursing homes as COVID-19 continues to attack residents of long-term care facilities and the state prepares to partially reopen later this month.

Between April 22 and April 29, the state’s death total rose from 1,544 to 2,089, or 545 new deaths, according to data released by the state Department of Public Health. In that same seven-day period nursing home deaths rose from 768 to 1,249, meaning 481 among the 545 new deaths — about 88% — were nursing home patients.

“This brings tears to everyone’s eyes,” said Yale epidemiologist Dr. Albert Ko, who also is co-chairman of Gov. Ned Lamont’s advisory board to reopen the state.

Ko said the nursing home population is like “princess diamonds” that need to be protected. He said the advisory board has talked about the rising nursing home deaths but is not ready to reveal any recommendations it may have.

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