In the face of Islamic Terror, the EU Has Decided to Go After…YOU!

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by Mark Angelides

We have now learned that the Manchester Islamic Terrorist not only attended known Radical Mosques in the UK, not only went to Libya and Syria for training, was not only known by people in his local community as pro-ISIS, but also that he had know links to terror supporters, With all this knowledge (much of it was known even before the attack), what was the first reaction of the European Union? To discuss laws that would encourage Facebook and Social media sited to report Islamophobic content and “right wing” comments.
The European Union wants to be the arbiter of all power and process in the European Union, but with that comes greater responsibility. A government’s first duty is the protection of its citizens, and when they fail in that duty, they have failed as a government and need to step down. Parliamentary democracies work because they have (usually) one party in power and an opposition government who is effectively a government in waiting in case the existing one falls. In the EU, there is no “other government in waiting”. Only the Commission. And they have failed us.
They have allowed the unchecked migration of millions of people, mostly Muslim males from Africa and the Middle East. No one is really checking their backgrounds or their status. In fact, latest figures suggest that only 2.65% of the people entering Europe are Syrian refugees.
We have seen Europe bathed in blood, children dying and Muslims reveling in the wake of terror, yet the governments refuse to acknowledge that it is Islam that should be tackled. The EU is seeking laws that will effectively force Facebook to censor, ban, and possibly pass on to police, comments and posts that are deemed by the EU to be “bad for social cohesion”. Essentially they mean anyone who is reacting negatively to Islamic slaughter in Europe.
But laws are often farseeing (not in the general sense, but in terms of pushing an agenda that has not been presented to the public). They are put in place for the future, not necessarily the present. And this does not bode well for us. It seems that the EU is expecting terrorist attacks to not only continue, but also to rise. And with that, they expect negative feelings to rise, therefore, they wish to frighten people into keeping their mouths closed and accepting that “terrorism is a part of everyday life”.
There are so many things that could be done to curtail the siege of terror…Border checks, investigation, taking away passports from terror suspects, but they would rather use the full force of the law to go after someone who sends a Tweet criticizing a religion. Which is the greater crime?
This will continue. This will get worse. And the people who speak out against it will be ultimately censored or imprisoned. This is just the beginning, and we need to stop it before it goes any further.

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1 thought on “In the face of Islamic Terror, the EU Has Decided to Go After…YOU!

  1. And chances are it wasn’t even Islamic Terror. Both the alleged attacker and his father can be traced down to being members of the “jihadist” organization that tried to take down Qaddafi for the MI6 a couple of years back.
    Looks more like government sponsored terror to me.

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