Kim Dotcom: "Wonder why the deep state is so worried about Trump presidency? They needed Clinton to cover up massive crimes committed by NSA and Obama."

Did you see the declassified Fisa Court opinion where the Obama administration admitted to using the NSA as a tool against their political opponents? This tweet has nothing to do with Seth Rich, its just the truth. They were systematically using nsa data to attack their political opponents.
2nd one is a link to the full pdf of the court opinion. This shit is legit and admitted to in court by the administration. CNN, MSNBC, and everybody else can ignore it, but the laws they broke are real and there is a shit storm coming.
Obama ABUSE OF POWER: NSA used for domestic political intelligence & IRS – violated Constitution
On Watch: Obama NSA used for domestic political intelligence & IRS – violated Constitution
This is a MUST SEE VIDEO….. about Obama ABUSE of power.
Obama ABUSE his POWER…..

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FEDERAL PROSECUTOR FOUND DEAD IN DEBBIE SCHULTZ WASSERMAN’S CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT… The same district with police reports for election voter fraud by whistleblower…Let that sink in.
Tom Fitton on The Daily Caller: Obama Holdouts in Trump Admin. Hiding Hillary Emails for YEARS

Gowdy’s Had ENOUGH, Fires Warning Shot To Washington Over Obama’s Spying… Liberals Are FREAKING OUT!

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8 thoughts on “Kim Dotcom: "Wonder why the deep state is so worried about Trump presidency? They needed Clinton to cover up massive crimes committed by NSA and Obama."

  1. Of course Obama abused his power, of course he hid everything he could that would prove his ILLEGITIMACY and being unqualified to be POTUS. of course the Democraps acted criminally, of course they are corrupted so badly to turn the USA into a banana republic…..of course the DNC is KILLING Leakers and Whistleblowers, of course the Clinton Crime Cartel is KILLING Leakers and Whistleblowers …. of course (Ad nauseum)…

  2. The amount of investigation going on regarding Seth Rich, on the web and truth media is astounding…
    The reasons and the results of all this Obama spying are pinnacled by the Seth Rich case… there is evidence now coming out that points to the fact that it was a mob hit in response to a large amount of material that Seth ‘leaked’ had to do with Pedogate. I think the Obama’s Democrat party has become the pedo party, not that there are not plenty of Republicans involved.
    Bozwell, now ‘representing’ the Rich family… himself, was the person that stopped previous pedogate investigations, back in 2010-2011 or something like that.
    This story is unraveling itself…. coming right back to pizzagate…

    • The internet is creating investigative teams who are tackling a wide variety of issues with more effectiveness and intelligence than the police have been able to bring to the job. Incomplete stops? They can do those. Presidential assassinations, not so much.

  3. Posted for Seth….
    The wall on which the prophets wrote
    Is cracking at the seams.
    Upon the instruments of death
    The sunlight brightly gleams.
    When every man is torn apart
    With nightmares and with dreams,
    Will no one lay the laurel wreath
    When silence drowns the screams.
    Between the iron gates of fate
    The seeds of time were sown
    And watered by the deeds of those
    Who know and who are known.
    Knowledge is a deadly friend
    If no one sets the rules.
    The fate of all mankind I see
    Is in the hands of fools.
    Confusion will be my epitaph.
    As I crawl a cracked and broken path
    If we make it we can all sit back and laugh.
    But I fear tomorrow I’ll be crying…

  4. More and more pedogate is a crucial linchpin if not “thee” linchpin issue in these peoples corruption.
    Means of control.
    Anything to squelch it, anything.

  5. trump is busy exposing all the corruption in Washington, but he’s doing it at night when he can get a little peace and quiet.

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