In the middle of the coming storm. We live in WA state and are surrounded by the virus.

Cities to the south (Renton), to the west (Seattle) and to the north (Kirkland and Redmond) border me and my family. We’re hunkering down as it picks up speed.

Church attendance on Sunday was half or 700 of the 1400….

Costco slammed. All of them

Target packed

McDonald’s low traffic

Starbucks no drive thru lines.

Going to drive around in a little while to see what traffic is like. It’s always packed

7 schools closed

Over 50 firefighters quarantined.

10 police quarantined

The Chinese population is huge here… all masked up…

Also, there has been an influx of Chinese trying to by homes in the past 4 weeks… this bothers me…,

This is my outlet to keep sane. When we go out, we are watching others closely. Everyone is very tense. There are A LOT of sick kids. Maybe just a cold, but the immune is down and these community clusters will explode it.

READ  Breaking news this morning: Malaysia was just put under a state of emergency.

The entire North Shore school district closing tomorrow for cleaning… that means more infected coming forward soon..,

Also, another school for a total of 8 closed today…

Teachers will be trained to work remotely…


h/t MyPillow