In the past, politicians had to follow the will of the people. Now, the people have to follow the will of politicians.

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by MedwedianPresident_2

In the past, the people elected politicians because they proved a certain level of respect-worthiness and reliability, because they shared their opinion. Said politicians – and any other figures of societal importance, be it scientists, authors or businessmen, carefully researched the desires, wishes and needs of the people and looked for facts. They based their decisions on these facts, keeping the well-being of the people in mind and knowing that they can be sacked if they act against the majority’s will. The people controlled politics and politicians, and politicians executed their will.

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Nowadays, the situation is reversed. Politicians, scientists, authors and businessmen control the people. They make decisions according to their own will and then begin to look for facts that might support them – or create them. They use their social authority to popularize and normalize opinions that would otherwise be unpopular because they are rationally wrong. The people, which are dumbed down and taught to give up their responsibility into the hands of the elite, have no independent opinion anymore.

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Look at the newspapers that propagnate the “wrongfulness” of rational thoughts and opinions, forcing classic doublethink. The very fact that there needs to be a “change in our morals and thoughts” and that what was wrong once is now right and vice versa tells us that our society is dysfunctional.

We are under the control of those whom we used to control.

Wake up.


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