In the UK 8 million people struggle to pay their phone bills…regulators are begging phone companies to scrap inflation formula as basis for billing

by  silvertomars

ie they are asking them to subsidize their customers to pay for the governments mistakes… this is how capitalism gets destroyed…

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A record 8 million UK households are facing problems paying their mobile, broadband, pay-TV and streaming bills, prompting the media regulator to call on the biggest telecoms companies to reconsider the inflation-busting price rises planned for the spring.

Ofcom found in its annual affordability survey that one in seven families have cut back spending in other areas, such as on food and clothing, to afford their communication services, while 9% have cancelled a service.

The number of families struggling to manage their telecoms bills has doubled over the last year – from 15% to 29% of customers nationwide – the highest level the regulator has recorded.

Given the situation is expected to worsen amid the cost of living crisis, Ofcom called on telecoms providers to scrap the formula used for annual price rises in April. The mechanism – used in some form by many providers including BT, TalkTalk, Shell Energy and Vodafone – increases bills by the rate of inflation in January as measured using the consumer prices index, plus 3.9%.



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