In What Universe is the U.S Responsible for Mexico’s Criminals? – This One.

by Mark Angelides

President Enrique Peña Nieto, of Mexico and his Foreign Minister have said that they will refuse to cooperate with Donald Trump’s immigration reforms. These reforms include deporting illegal Mexican migrants who commit crimes in the U.S. Apparently, to the Mexican government and the U.S’s homegrown “Liberals”, this is beyond the pale.
Let’s be very clear. There is a case to be made for allowing illegal migrants to stay in the USA. It may be a case that is incredibly unfair to those who live in the U.S legally, but still, there is a case. However, in what twisted fantasy land is it the United States’ responsibility to look after and integrate foreign criminals? Has d the U.S become the world’s go-to penitentiary?
People who settle down, get jobs, pay taxes etc…are one thing; those that commit crimes and do damage to U.S citizens (native born or otherwise, as many victims of these crimes are immigrants themselves) should have no rights in the U.S other than human rights. If Mexico doesn’t even want them, why should anyone else?
Then of course, there is the issue of the thousands of Africans and Haitians that flew into Mexico in 2016, and crossed the border. The MSM are making a very big noise about why the Trump administration should not be deporting these people to Mexico (again, please remember that these are people who have committed criminal acts in the U.S). Mexican authorities know full well that these people only came to their country with this purpose, and willingly let them enter, and then leave via the northern border (or did they just happen to lose 5000 + African and Haitian holiday makers?). Mexico actively allowed foreign nationals commit crimes (illegally entering) against the U.S. So whose responsibility is it?

I have a radical plan for dealing with this situation. Now it may sound shocking at first, but hear me out:
How about the U.S deports all (non-U.S citizens) criminals who are from Mexico (or entered through Mexico) back to Mexico…And Mexico deports all (non-Mexican citizens) criminals who are from the U.S (or entered through the U.S), back to the U.S? A perfectly equal solution! Yes, I know it sounds like utter madness to have a fair agreement with another country.
Why shouldn’t sovereign nations have well-balanced, reciprocal arrangements? If it is good enough for one country, surely it is good enough for the other.

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14 thoughts on “In What Universe is the U.S Responsible for Mexico’s Criminals? – This One.”

  1. Mexico runs the trafficking business into the U.S. so it makes sense they’re throwing a hissy fit. As far as I’m concerned deport them by any means possible even if that includes putting them on the border and having them just march the other direction. They aren’t our problem and it’ll be on them.

  2. Just WHAT can be the rationale that criminal tresspass into another country is defendable?? It boggles the mind. And all the lameass people here who are claiming that it is some sort of evil to send their butts back to there home land??

  3. Mexico not receiving the illegals leaves the US with a human rights conundrum. We can’t dump them on Mexican soil because technically that’s an invasion of a sovereign nation. We may have to incarcerate every one we catch. Mandatory 25 years in jail. Safe zone along the border anyone?

  4. You nordos do not understand our problem. Our illegals send into Mexico about 50 billion/year. Do you have any idea how much that is to Mexico; it is like ONE Trillion for your country. We cannot take back 40 million people; who will feed them?
    Just forget the whole thing.

  5. This goes back to a solution which I proposed several moths ago. If there is no “homeland” where we can send these guys, just load them on a plane and drop them off about two hundred miles east of Georgia. Yes, I do know where this is and you didn’t read where I said anything about landing the plane.


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