Inbox: 18 US military vehicles now are crossing back into Syria from northern Iraq SDF confirms to CNN. By all accounts troops back into Syria

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The development comes after Washington decided to withdraw US troops from northeastern Syria following the start of a Turkish military operation against Kurdish forces on October 9.

A column of US troops has returned to northeastern Syria’s al-Hasakah Province from Iraq, Syria TV reports.

The news outlet claimed that “the column of American occupation forces entered […] the province through the illegal al-Walid border crossing” and that the column, which includes “dozens of soldiers and military hardware” is covered by US combat helicopters.

This comes a day after US Defence Secretary Mark Esper said that the US would maintain a “reduced presence” in Syria, citing concerns about Daesh* terrorists taking control of nearby oil fields.

Almost two weeks ago, Esper pledged that the US would withdraw all of its force of 1,000 soldiers from northeastern Syria, after Turkey launched its military operation in the area to drive Kurdish militias and remaining Daesh militants away from the border.—report/?fbclid=IwAR3CiK7YHVbAIP5WvkRP4wKC8tFOAjc4qYzU3RBXYpMpLexnrG_F1r94fAA

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