Increasing collapse worthy events. How long do you think we have?

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by Mistborn_First_Era

Over the last year there has been Covid, Texas power outage, capital riot, and now the canal blockage. All of which I feel like were very close to an actual collapse worthy event.

Covid – The global response was pretty shitty everywhere except New Zealand and a few Asian countries. If it was more deadly or mutates I think this probably was and still is the biggest risk.

Capital riot US – considering how important the US is globally losing the capital would have been massive. The democratic institution was almost destroyed. I just think, “What would have happened if there were people armed when the capital was invaded” I have a video of Trump coming out the night of the election and declaring he won before the result were even in. Crazy how close the US came.

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Texas Power Grid – The grid was 4 minutes away from shutting off completely for multiple months. Not much more needs to be said. The only redeeming thing is that it would have been Texas only and that’s not much of a global problem. I think this might become a more common occurrence across the world though due to extreme weather events.

Suez Canal – Proves how fragile the world is. 12% of global GDP goes through a location that can be blocked by one ship. Imagine if the boat sank or got lodged into the riverbed, it could have lasted many times longer.

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I think we are incredibly lucky and I wonder when that luck will stop. I think we are closer than we think to a collapse event. Not just the slow degradation of the world. I think everyone can agree that pollution and warming will probably end 50% of life in the next 200 years.

I do have a small amount of hope though do to the current amount of greed that the ‘elite’ have right now. Monetary initiatives (bounties) might be enough to save us. Image a 2trillion dollar reward for the best solution to climate change funded by the US government, china, ect… That would get something done.



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