“The Taliban plans to ban drugs in Afghanistan. That could change the world for the worse”

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After the spectacular scenes of the fall of Kabul on the weekend, the Taliban’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid held a press conference where — along with complaining about being kicked off Facebook (the Taliban cancelled for their problematic beliefs? Somebody call Toby Young!) — he declared that Afghanistan was going to be drug-free.

“There will be no drug production, no drug smuggling. We saw today that our young people were on drugs near the walls; this was making me very, very sad that our youth are addicted,” he said. “Afghanistan will not be a country of cultivation of opium anymore…. We will bring opium cultivation to zero again.”

Zabihullah’s referring to the Taliban’s opium ban in the early 2000s, seemingly one of the few successful wars on drugs. During that time, the total area used to cultivate opium poppy (the flower from which the narcotic is extracted) fell from 82,000 hectares to only 8,000 (mostly under the control of dissident warlords). The opium gum from those flowers was then refined and processed first into morphine, then into heroin.

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The media go full retard.


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