Independent Media Is TERRIFYING Mainstream Media! – Here’s WHY (With Luke Rudkowski)

Josh Sigurdson talks with Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange about their current subscriber only content which is linked below. As Patreon and PayPal among many other payment entities stifle independent media, the solutions are piling higher than the problems. Luke explains the level of constant blows to his media he’s dealt with over the years, how the establishment is desperately attempting to keep him quiet, how it has affected those around him and why the alternatives are on our doorstep. With Jordan Peterson recently moving over to BitTube and a big possibility that PewDiePie will be making a move in the near future, centralization is reaching its inevitable end. In the subscriber only content, Josh and Luke talk about the future of cryptocurrency, the most recent news regarding crypto and blockchain infrastructure, the moves being made and what the markets look like in the two weeks that follow. We highly recommend everyone subscribe for $15 a month to WeAreChange’s subscriber only content!