India and Saudi Arabia Implementing Non-Dollar Trade with Russia

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by Chris Black

This is kind of eerie as it happens so fast, but everything is by design if you ask me.

This entire game is based on exporting debt via the world reserve system. That has been enforced by the US military, but the US military isn’t going to invade Russia, China, and India all at the same time.

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Do you really think the FED wasn’t a part of planning for this and benefitting from a new banking hegemony as they suck every last drop of wealth from the dollar?

So now they’re talking about trading in local currencies, but eventually – probably pretty soon – they’re going to start trading in Yuan.

Probably, in the newly debuted Chinese digital Yuan CBDC.

Without the dollar as world reserve currency, I just can’t fathom how it is possible for the US government to remain solvent.

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