Russia Shills on the Dissident Right Will Come Out of This Looking as Silly the COVID Shills Did

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by Chris Black

Even the Kremlin calls these people fools but they still shill for Eastern globalism. Why?

Russia shills:

“You must suck Putler penis to destroy NATO and the Globalist American Empire!”


— “The GAE” (NWO/ZOG) was already intentionally destroying “itself” (the West) anyway.

— NATO has only become stronger, with formerly non-aligned countries begging to join because they’re scared of potential invasion from Russia.

— Putin has repeatedly said that he just wants his own version of Globalism (i.e. Eurasianism / Duginism), explicitly denounced nationalists as fools, etc.

What are globalists planning next?

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Aside from Russia-Ukraine, probably a controlled demolition of food supply chains to engineer a global famine and justify more Sustainable Development technocracy.

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