India – Those Who Have Taken Booster Dose Can’t Take Nasal Vaccine

‘New Delhi: India’s nasal vaccine cannot be administered to those who have taken a precaution or booster dose, the head of the country’s vaccine task force told NDTV today in an exclusive interview.

It (nasal vaccine) is recommended as the first booster. For example, if a person has already received a precaution dose, it is not recommended for that person. It is for those who have not yet taken a precaution dose,”

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On whether people would need to take booster after booster doses of the nasal vaccine –
“The scientific answer is at the moment there is no evidence that further vaccines will be required or not required. Even in countries where people have taken three, four or five doses of vaccine, particularly these mRNA vaccines in North American and Europe, but they continue to suffer from infection.”


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