India’s Position on Russia-Ukraine Really Exposes the Weakness of ZOG

by Chris Black

The US is dealing with two threats:  military superpower in Russia, and an economic superpower in China.  India is sort of a wild card in that the country is a huge, nuclear-armed power that is basically aligned with the US against the Muslim world and could be a replacement for US dependence on China when it comes to cheap labor and cheap manufacturing.

But according to this article, 85% of India’s military hardware comes from Russia — India imports 85% of its oil from Russia, as well as being hugely dependent on Russian coal and gas — and Russia is popular with the Indian general population, vs the US which is not trusted.  So there is the very clear explanation why India is defying Biden-ZOG on Ukraine.

Meanwhile (from another piece on Asia Times):

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China became India’s largest trading partner in 2021, thanks to a surge in India imports from China. In December 2021, India’s imports from China rose to an annual rate of more than $120 billion. India’s biggest export market remains the US, but China is its largest supplier.

Last week the Hindustan Times reported the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang visited India to push for normalization of ties.

So India is getting most of their weapons from Russia and doing most of their trade with China.  What leverage does that leave Biden when it comes to India?  If you compare the geopolitical influence and power of the United States today vs twenty years ago, it’s in steep decline.

How is the US government reacting to this escalating collapse in power and influence?  By confirming Deborah Lipstadt as antisemitism envoy and signing into law new “anti-lynching” hates crimes legislation.


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