Legacy Media Admits Putin is Winning Hearts and Minds in Russia

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by Chris Black

Mainstream media pundits are abandoning the cope that the Russian people are not backing Putin in this conflict. Eventually they were going to have to concede that a color revolution/coup was not going to save their hides here, especially now that the Russian government seems to be weathering the sanctions regime very effectively, the Ruble has regained much of its lost value, and Putin is now successfully striking back against the West economically via counter-sanctions and demands for de-dollarization in trade.

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The Jew York Times is now falling back on the unfalsifiable position that many Russians oppose Putin, but are simply too scared (or, as the article suggests, too apathetic) to speak publicly against him.

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That may actually be somewhat true, but if it is then it is only because this is how Russian leaders have ruled for centuries in response to the character of Russia itself. Russia is like a strong, willful horse, whoever is not able to skillfully and sternly hold the reigns will be tossed to the ground and trampled under hoof. Unchecked dissent leads to discord, and discord leads to ruin.

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That Putin can manage this problem only further demonstrates his effectiveness as a ruler.


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