Individual Freedom Ideology Destroyed America

by Chirs Black

One of the biggest downfalls of America is its ‘radical individualism’ and severing people from their histories.

Most Americans don’t see themselves as linked to their ancestors whatsoever. Policies that have been enacted because of America’s individualistic ideology include: legalized no fault divorce, birth control, abortion, LGBT acceptance, degeneracy promotion in media, and many other similar things.

These policies have destroyed the American family to the point huge portions of the country don’t even know who their grandparents are, let alone their family tree from 100+ years ago.

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Without this core part of people’s identity, they easily fall into nihilism and self-destructiveness.

They have nothing to live up to and see no point in doing anything besides getting their latest dopamine blast from porn/fast food. “I have to live up to my ancestors? I don’t even know who my ancestors are. I’m just an individual.”

America’s decline is terminal because it decided that individual “freedom” is its highest goal. I consider it critical that people understand why this system failed so the rest of the world can learn from it and avoid making the same mistakes.


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