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For all you autists out there this is the method for the all new, Robinhood Infinite Money Glitch! What you have to do is find a company that offers high payouts for short term, low risk iron condors. For example you can buy two out of the money calls and two in the money puts and still get offered $30 for every $100 you spend, or an even better amount like I’ve been finding, example $50 for every $100 I spend, (and buy $100 I mean 1 iron condor and for $30 and $50 I mean the min credit you’d be receiving for buying 1 iron condor) and since these calls and puts are always very far away from the actual stock price you have a very low chance of the iron condor actually failing you if the stock goes up or down.

I’ve been doing this to FB, TTWO, GOOGL, and AMZN. For example this iron condor is on TTWO (take two interactive), for the iron condor, I’m selling a 130 call, buying a 131 call, selling a 117 put, and buying a 116 put all expiring 12/6, and the price of TTWO is now $121. (LOOK AT THE PICTURES) The limit price for this trade is .03 but with the crazy bid ask spread price that happens after hours, Robinhood will ask you to put in your own limit price of .95 specifically for this trade, you’ll put that in the limit price section, then you will make $95 instead of $3 with an $100 collateral, and once Friday comes along you will have made $195 off of a $100 trade!

(Next few sentences is pretty much what I just said but these sentences go for any stock and not just TTWO) Then what you do is buy however many iron condors of this trade you want. When you accept everything on the order page of the iron condor, it will ask you credit or debit, choose credit, then it will say this iron condor has a special bid ask spread and it will ask you to choose a limit price. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Right then and there you have to choose the special bid ask spread in the limit price section. In my example it gave me a .95 limit price giving me $95 for every $100 iron condor. Then you place the order and it will get placed when the market opens (or by the end of the market day).

If the order doesn’t get placed because the limit price is too high, try lowering it by .10, if you can’t completely double your money with this iron condor this method will still work as long as you gain 50% of what the colateral cost is, so if you’re lucky and can find a regular iron condor offering 50% of what the colateral cost is, then you don’t even have to mess around with the limit price and that will insure the order gets placed! And yes you need someone to actually sell you the iron condor too and that’s what makes this glitch awesome as it gets filled with this ridiculous limit price.

IF YOU’RE CONFUSED LOOK AT THE PICTURES AT THE END OF THIS POST AND THAT WILL HELP EXPLAIN EVERYTHING! Yes this does seem to be a somewhat weird iron condor trade so far but here’s the thing, you’re doubling the money your investing using margin so margin will also double the total amount of money it can lend to you, this will lead to unlimited gains/money! Then you keep on doing this method until this glitch gets patched and then we can all buy out google, we’ll all run the board and then we can take out assets and throw one huge damn party!!!!!

See you all on Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Market Watch, Buisness Insider and Fox! By the way I can’t figure out a way to show my margin doubling so the picture is of GUH instead! I love you all wallstreetbets! Promise too bail me out of prison if the SEC finds me! GUH’s speed to all of you degenerates! PICTURES OF HOW TO DO THIS EXPLOIT PROOF I’M GOING ALL IN

Edit 1: and when I say you receive $195 I mean that’s how much money you’ll get back that margin will double! GUH’s speed to all of you degenerates!

Edit 2 (3:54PM December 1st 2019): Jartek (creator of WSB) has stickied my post to the top of WSB and proved my credibility that this method does in fact work. I will not post any pictures of the specific past trades I have done even to prove credibility because if I do that I I’ll in fact get caught and probably get in trouble. Though I did send those pictures to Jartek to prove my credibility to him. Also I added paragraphs for you autist degenerates who don’t know how to read a big chuck of writing. GUH’s speed to all of you!



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