Influence is More Powerful than Money

by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Within the world of the most powerful, are Gates, Schwab the most powerful? I have the impression that the Owners of Blackrock and Vanguard are the ones that pull the strings of the world. Where are the Rothschilds and Rockefellers in the world of power?
Greetings and thanks for your impressive work.


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REPLY: Gates has far more power than BlackRock or Vanguard. Schwab has influence; Gates buys influence. That is why they always attacked me. When they were wrong, they blamed me, not because the model was correct, but claiming I was manipulating the world because I had too much influence. Money alone cannot rule the day. It is all about influence, which is a precious commodity to these people.

I have told the story before, I was invited by Edmon Safra to the IMF dinner in Washington, which he rented the entire National Gallery to host this dinner. Every politician was there including central bankers. I was invited to SHOW ME the “influence” he had, and he kept trying to get me to invest in Russia. They had the IMF on a short-leash.

It is always the influence they seek. Money helps, but it cannot buy everything.


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