Influencers outraged that Instagram is going to sell blue ticks instead of people working for them like true celebrities

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Australian influencers who worked hard for Instagram verification are criticising the Meta-owned platform’s move to allow anyone to buy blue ticks.

One former Married At First Sight star, who campaigned for years to get a blue tick back when Instagram had to approve all verified accounts, called the decision ‘absolutely outrageous’ and an insult to genuine celebrities.

‘I worked three years to get mine and now you can just buy it. The blue tick means nothing now,’ he said.

He instead suggested a tiered system in which ‘true celebrities’ are upgraded to a gold badge while those who purchase verification get a standard blue tick.

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Sultan said the credibility of influencers would be hurt by this move, which allows anyone to become one by simply paying the fee.

‘Now anyone can buy that blue tick and pretend they’re an influencer. It’s un-Australian,’ he said.

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