Inside a smart meter (setting fires, invasions, health risks, etc) video/U can opt out, expensive tho, see, in certain states

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If a smart meter has already been installed on your property, you will be charged a one-time fee of $43 to have that meter replaced with a non-emitting meter. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has approved a monthly $24 fee for customers who have declined a smart meter.//

Check ur state if you wish to opt-out

taking apart one -but read some of the comments, whew!

research, smart meters set up to activate, start fires… is this what is happening in ca n Austria too?

Worse thing about smart meters??

they are really all about control, add to that, they are evil in their play for starting fires

read this, and shake your head, pple really are doing this, unreal!

People are dying, loosing all their property, nature is being ruined, millions of animals killed, and for what??

snip…#MagneticDeflagration #CaliforniaFiresRevealed PART 1⃣
Still have work to do on it, but this is what’s going on. “Controlled generation and observation of

h/t savcash

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