Inside info from a truck driver. Shutdowns/lockdowns & restricted travel to get far worse & enforced!

Truck Drivers / Trucking companies often find out things before anybody else, especially in an emergency situation that we are in because without truck drivers everything stops and we see and learn a lot across the country and at shippers and etc.

It is now being expected that mass shutdowns/lockdowns and people not allowed to travel will get far worse.

I was given documents to show enforcement officials specifically that I am allow to travel and operate due part of the type of work I’m doing included in an expended Emergency Declaration.
It appears not all truck drivers will have work and be able to travel in the future but being I move food and other essential goods needed for life I was given special authorization.

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I will show a little to prove this ain’t just some uncle Intel.

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If there is stuff you need to get done or need to buy do it now because time may seriously be limited at this point.

(PS After posting this thread a bunch of comments from others mentioning similar things and getting their “papers”.
The country is getting ready for a country wide shut down/shelter in place, martial law or whatever you want to call it.
Whatever it is it’s not good.
It’s looking like everybody will be on lock down and not allowed to travel.
Some types workers will be allowed to be on the move and are being given their “papers” to show to the police, military, checkpoints and etc.)

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One more thing, please be helpful and kind to one another.
It is my own act of kindness and help you are getting this information, please share it with others.

This is a very difficult time and only through love, help and kindness can we make this world a better place.

The documents I got would only happen if shit were to go down real soon.

Please help your family… prepare!
Share this info, it could help motivate others.

The more we all are prepared the less difficult times will be for all of us.



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