Why Democrats And Republicans Are Experiencing The Wuhan Coronavirus Epidemic Differently

via althouse

Democrats tend to gather in the larger urban areas. They are clustered more densely. They are more dependent on government services (i.e. transportation), and are less likely to be independent and self-sufficient.

Republicans tend to live on the outer rings of the urban centers, and spread out from there to the smaller towns, rural areas. These people have their guns, trucks, churches. The are more independent, more self-sufficient and less dependent on their government.

Republicans tend to be more optimistic people about recovery, picking oneself up by your bootstraps, helping your neighbor. Democrats tend to be sorrowful, less optimistic people, hand-wringing not only about the virus, but what we call the virus.


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Speaking of hand-wringing about what we call the virus: N.J. Attorney General: It might be unlawful to let your employees call it “the Chinese virus.” He’s an idiot, and unfit for office.


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