INSIDE INTEL BY KIT DOTCOM: “Prepare for the worst economic crash since the Great Depression”


“Kim Dotcom
Prepare for the worst economic crash since the Great Depression.

Sell stocks and fiat currencies while they still have some value.

Buy Crypto and Gold.

Do it now. Trust me.

This is not a drill.”


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Banks are failing.

Markets crashed.

Supply lines broke.

Manufacturing stopped.

Service and vacation industries covid-19

No government prepared(or rather tried to stop it).

Many will die.

It will be the greatest depression the world has ever seen.

Food is going to be more of a concern for people as they are forced to stay in an area…cut off from supplies than anything else.

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Many will feel hopeless.

So many will lose jobs,houses,cars….

Corporations….many simply will cease to exist.

Things like restaurants may simply stop existing.

It will be brutal,ugly,and painful.

Nationalism will rise.

Wars will be fought.

It will be a second dark age.

Did I miss anything?