Inside South Africa's White Displacement Camps

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Some facts in this video.

New South African president wants to seize land from white farmers without compensation…on-whites/
h/t Synthesis31

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3 thoughts on “Inside South Africa's White Displacement Camps

  1. You will get respect and support when you stand up and fight, kill the leader of this nation, kill the replacement if he does the same and keep killing the leader until things are turned around. Stand your ground on your land and kill anyone or anything that tries to take you from it, or it from you. Now we know black people cannot be racist and this action proves it, so your killing them for being inhumane.

    • They are a minority with no military power and against whom the entire western world will turn their back, label them ‘terrorists’, and help the SA government kill them…
      The only answer is for disparate peoples to go their own ways, which in this case means right for the South Africans to return to the majority European nations into which they can assimilate and prosper. If European and American whites aren’t ‘breeding fast enough’ and we ‘need immigrants’ then THESE are the immigrants we need. Of course this is a lie it’s all a very intentional worldwide genocide against whites and the chosenites that Germany rid herself of in WWII are at the center of all of it.

  2. We need information on how to help White South Africans. It would be best to promote their immigration to white countries.

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