Anyone else starting to really connect the dots around the true motives for the Parkland high school shooting?


Quote:Florida Governor Rick Scott ® says he is pledging to dedicate $500 million for school safety in the wake of the Parkland high school shooting, in which 17 people died. The governor also says that he will invest more in mental health, including having a counselor at every school so that students can receive counseling whenever they want, and he says that he also plans to strengthen background checks and make it prevent people with mental illness from getting access to guns.…ool-safety
Some more here from Ricky Scott…

Quote:His plan proposes at least one law enforcement officer for every 1,000 students, something the governor wants implemented by the start of the 2018 school year.
The increased safety measures didn’t stop with more law enforcement, though.
“We also need to make significant investments in school safety,” Scott said. “We’ve got to invest in metal detectors, we’ve got to invest in bulletproof glass, we’ve got to invest in steel doors, we’ve got to invest in upgraded locks. We’ve gotta do everything we can to make sure that somebody that wants to harm any one of our students can never do it again.”
Before moving forward with the plan, it has to be something that everyone involved feels is doable.
“I want to make sure all these things are signed off by all our sheriff’s departments across the state,” Scott said.…ol-safety/
That’s one hell of a tax Bill being dropped into the laps of the American Voters and Taxpayers for the actions of one crazy Man (allegedly) .
For any interested how Rick Scott plans to spends their Tax Dollars?…Here you go…:
Here is Gov. Scott’s entire plan to keep Florida students safe…/990245081
Is Rick Scott actually a permanent resident of Planet Earth?
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