Insiders Selling Billions of FANG Stocks RIGHT NOW! Warren Buffett Sold $7 Billion of THIS Company!

Do you think insiders have been selling because they know something we don’t?

We need to follow what the insiders are doing. They have been known to sell in advance of a crash. They make it happen before we ever know what’s happening. Even Warren Buffett who rarely ever sells anything has just sold off Berkshire’s $7 billion stake in a German company. Is this the beginning of the moment we have been waiting for?


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FANG insiders are on track to sell more than $5 billion of stock | Financial Post

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway offers German company option for its USG stake – MarketWatch

Buffett to Exit Sheetrock Maker USG in $7 Billion Knauf Takeover – Bloomberg

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