Instead of the negative news we need to be seeing THIS type of positive news about critical patients recovering and kicking COVID19’s ass

by alanasofly

NOT MY PICTURE OR POST and My dad is still at Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center on a ventilator BUT a friend shared this on her timeline and this is absolutely amazing news for those covid19 patients who not just got off the ventilator but got discharged as well! THERE IS HOPE!

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THIS is the type of stuff we NEED to see in the news right now.. it can’t all be just negatives. Ever since my dad has been placed on the ventilator I reached out to people on Reddit and Twitter.. believe it or not there are A LOT of people who are going through exactly what my dad is going through right now… mostly men and all in the same age range (50’s, 60s, 70s) I was comforted to know that these people who I have chatted with back and forth let me know that their dad has come off the ventilator after days and is weak but recovering… miracles do happen..

My mom who was discharged from the hospital just yesterday is so strong and can finally say she beat this horrible virus… talked with my dads doctor today and he is almost finished up with his antibiotics.. his vitals are still stable and his oxygen levels are actually good! the doctor said he will talk to his team of specialists and to come up with a plan of what to do next! (Weaning him off slowly and taking their time during the process) I know it could go both ways at this point and he is not out of the clear yet BUT any little positive news like this and people recovering is what is giving us strength and hope!



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