Insulting? California lowering bar exam standards in order to pass more minority lawyers

by DCG

A rather insulting headline:

The article in the LA Times states the California Supreme Court agreed to lower the passing score for the exam, a victory for law school deans who have long hoped the change would raise the number of Black and Latino people practicing law.

UCLA School of Law Dean Jennifer L. Mnookin, a longtime supporter of lowering the passing score said, “There is absolutely no evidence that shows having a higher score makes for better lawyers. There is significant evidence that it reduces the diversity of the bar.”

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And of course: “Whether the exam is culturally biased has been a question for law journals over the years, and critics have written that it fails to measure the real abilities required to be good lawyers.”

Read the whole article here.

When one seeks an attorney they may base their decision on if the person is a member of the “diversity” team. Or they may seek one through recommendations, legal expertise/area of practice and their “win” record. But that’s just my white-privileged opinion.



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