People, I REALLY need to say this: The world WILL be CONSIDERABLY different by this time 2021

by AC

There are posters here, coming and going, most with some form of an agenda, getting there but nobody really spells this out.

Is there an evil masterplan behind all this? I have no clue. Is this aiming for totalitarian control and an evil NWO? Couldn’t care less. Do I have a fancy Youtube -video for this? -NO. The main point is this:

The world will be literally FUBAR by this time in 2021, could even be described as TEOTWAWKI – without meteors though. Ok, I have no clue about the meteors either, they simply add to the confusion or they don’t.

1. The US economy slumped by a third in Q2 2020. A THIRD. That means, if it continues like this (which it will) – ca. 100 million people will lose their livelihood, in the US alone. No joke, no fearmongering, pure statistical fact.

2. The global airline industry employs roughly 65 million people. That’s roughly the equivalent of the population of the UK. On top of that – several of those people hvae families. In total probably around 130 million people in the world, who get their main income (or a very large part) from airline industry. Now, the industry is down by 80% globally, meaning, another ca. 100 million people, will probably lose at least a majority of their income.

3. The global hotel industry, employs more than 200 million people. That industry is also down, in some areas by half, in others up to 90%. At least another 100-200 million people who will need to find another job.

4. Most countries have not yet published their Q2 GDP figures, Germany has, they achieved “only” a 10% drop. Which is also the biggest dip in German history. Many other countries will be hit harder, just like the US.


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a. We will end up having probably around 1 billion newly unemployed people on this planet by the beginning of next year. Think about it.

b. The governments might setup a rescue fund for those – but it can work only temporarily. You cannot print money out of thin air forever. Ask the government of Zimbabwe how it went. Not to mention the 1 billion people who supposedly sit home and watch their monthly welfare roll in, what’s going to happen to them? Sheeple much? Laze much? Aggression starts to build up when there’s nothing to do, global unrest.

c. Some parts of the economy are still doing well, because the still employed people stay put, and just buy stuff online. They start new hobbies they didn’t have the time for before. Overall people commute and travel a lot less. Sooner or later the people already have everything they can think of, they get bored, or they start losing their jobs. Then the online consumption starts to go down.

d. The whole global economic system is already built on ridiculous piles of debt – which has been necessary to keep the system going, economy growing. If the economy does not grow anymore, but actually the opposite, those massive piles of debt will quite simply just overheat and explode like Tshernobyl. When that happens, effectively EVERY FINANCIAL INSTITUTION, BANK, OR INSURANCE COMPANY ON EARTH WILL SIMPLY NOT EXIST ANYMORE. Chain reaction, with multiple detonation points to get started. It is a mathematical certainty.


Everything above is really based on facts, and the conclusions from the facts are also as above, with a very high certainty. This really means, that our way of life will be no more. We’ve pushed it to the limit, all of us, and now something as small as a stupid virus is enough to push the entire global system over the edge. How ridiculous is that???

Just wanted to share this. This does not go away. We will not go back anymore. Something completely new is upon us, and I’m afraid it will not be anything positive for several years to come.

We’ve seen just the very early beginning.


Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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