Interbank Lending Got CRUSHED! Fed Admits They Short Volatility! Here’s Why

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The banking system is a disaster. It’s all coming down when the central bankers decide to pull the plug.
Do you think the Fed and other central banks are responsible for stock market fluctuations?

Interbank lending got crushed. But don’t ask those in the financial establishments to acknowledge it. You need to understand what’s happening right now, all thanks to our friends at the top: The Federal Reserve.
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Whistleblower: Market manipulation of ‘VIX’ contributed to sell-off
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Plunge in Interbank Lending: The Straw that Broke the Fed’s Back – Mish Talk
Total US household debt soars to record above $13 trillion
household debt q4 2017.jpg (890×618)
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Home Prices Hit Records in Almost Two-Thirds of U.S. Cities – Bloomberg
I was dragged out of the WV House Chambers because I listed Delegates’ campaign donors. – Holler from the Hollers!
House committee approves co-tenancy bill following public hearing | WV News |

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