INTERESTING! China has put a HOLD on all FUNDS transfer to U.S. dollars from China

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We have many very well off Asians in the Boston area and a ton of Asian students who live in my area in what is known as a gentrified area of Boston. I am trying to get out of my lease and asked, why don’t you just rent it out to one of the Asian students waiting in line to get in here AND he said, “NOT anymore!” Apparently China has put a hold on all Funds from China to transfer over into U.S. dollars so this is a devastation for real estate around here as 50% or more are Asian students. Has anyone else heard? Also i think this is quite significant step! Very much so, not only does it double down on our economic losses but it seems like war to me! Also they lease some very expensive cars around here, the cars the students drive are actually leased through the CCP Army (I have a relative in car sales), so I wonder if cash is same?
The Art of War
rule # 1 avoid war at all cost because you will always lose something and most importantly something unexpected


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