Interesting video on how bad things are on farms, particularly in Texas.

I’ll preface this by a little explanation. The lady who runs this video channel is a prepper and farmer. She doles out advice for people looking to get started, as well as commenting on the news.

In this particular video, she starts off reading a letter she received from a 70 something, farm lady from Texas. The lady (unnamed) goes into detail on how devastating the reality is, in Texas, for farms and cattle ranches.

What is very interesting, beyond her letter, is the comment section below the video. Many farmers, from Texas and all over the US, commented on how bad things are for their own farms and cattle lots.

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It seems, everyone is selling off their cattle, because they can no longer afford to feed them or provide water and crops are dying in the fields due to lack of water.

An interesting few minutes.


h/t Templar Knight


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