BRICS Is Expanding and Every American Should Be Concerned Brazil Russia India China

It’s understandable that so few Americans pay much attention to BRICS. Many don’t even know what it is. But it represents the greatest outside threat to the American economy and we must address it.

I’m old enough to remember when any discussion about BRICS was relegated to the nerdiest foreign affairs outlets. Few thought the economic alliance could grow beyond its founding member nations because the players were all too hideous in a western-dominated global society. They may have had some of the most powerful nations in the world joining together to challenge western dominance, but just because they had Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, we had the United States of America.

I fondly remember foreign affairs analysts claiming it would be decades before these “backwards” or “broken” nations could compete against us. Their arguments often sounded like Tony Stark talking to Loki in Stark Towers in the first Avengers movie “I have an army,” Loki said. “We have a Hulk,” Stark replied.

The days of western bravado and dismissal of BRICS seem to be upon us, and it didn’t take decades. The architects of The Great Reset seem to be positioning BRICS to challenge American economic hegemony by both weakening western nations while propping up Russia and China. While both have economic challenges of their own, they’re plowing through it while we’re getting stuck in the dirt. The nature of their authoritarian governments gives them a stronger position to handle economic hardships. Meanwhile, many Americans are trying to time out when to hit up the Tesla Supercharger stations.

Two articles hit my radar this morning. Both bode ill for us as a rising BRICS alliance means another option may be available to the world soon. The U.S. dollar’s status as the world reserve currency exists because it exists. There have been no other options so nations have had to play ball or become North Korea. If that changes, and many nations are hoping it will, then the alternative will likely something out of BRICS. And that would spell doom for us and our $30+ trillion national debt.

According to the president of the BRICS International Forum, Purnima Anand, Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia might “very soon” join the club of major emerging economies, which also includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. turkey is part of the old church in the letters of PAUl to asia minor

According to Anand, this topic was discussed by China, Russia, and India at the 14th BRICS Summit, which virtually took place from June 23 to 24.

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“All these countries have shown an interest in joining and are preparing to apply for membership. I think this is a good step, because expansion is always perceived positively; this will clearly increase the influence of BRICS in the world… I hope that the accession of countries to BRICS will happen very quickly, because now all representatives of the core of the association are interested in enlargement. So it will be very soon,” Purnima Anand stated.

According to reports, the BRICS International Forum President is sure that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey will all join the organization soon because they have already “begun the process.” She reportedly said that they wouldn’t all sign up at once though.

“We are interested in joining BRICS because it is a cooperative mechanism composed entirely of emerging economies. There are no strings attached and all cooperation is mutually beneficial,” Vaca said.

At their 14th meeting in Beijing, China, the BRICS group of countries decided to work together to improve and change global governance while preserving international peace and security. South Africa will take up the rotational chairmanship of BRICS in 2019 from China, who currently holds the position.

Iran, Algeria, Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Malaysia, and Thailand were among the 13 other developing countries whose leaders were invited by Beijing to the conference.

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