International brokers sued over naked short selling allegations

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Wow…we shall see how this plays out…

CIBC, Bank of America, UBS and TD Bank stand accused of coordinating “abusive” naked short selling and spoofing strategies in US and Canadian stock markets by a Bermuda hedge fund that claims to have lost tens of millions of dollars as a result.

Harrington Global Opportunity Fund has filed a suit at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York alleging that various US and Canadian financial institutions, through their broker divisions, manipulated markets and drove down pharmaceutical company ADVANZ PHARMA’s (formerly Concordia) share price in 2016.

The specialist pharmaceutical recapitalised and rebranded in 2018 after being embroiled in a long-running dispute over apparent price hikes and accusations of mismanagement by its founder and CEO Mark Thompson, who stepped down in 2016.

According to the suit, the defendants, which include several unnamed US and Canadian individuals, allegedly flooded the market with false sell signals by simultaneous naked short selling — in which the trader does not borrow a stock, or determine that it can be borrowed, before they short sell — and spoofing — a form of high-frequency trading that artificially inflates perceived demand of a security — which created millions of ‘phantom’ shares.

These practices violate the US Securities Exchange Act 1934 and Regulation SHO. END QUOTE Less then 50%

Understanding naked shorting


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