Internet Sleuths Claim Two Newly Uncovered Videos From Jan 6th Reveal Who Shot Ashli Babbitt

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Many of the conspiracy theories surrounding January 6th revolve around her death — mainly because the government will not reveal the name of the man who shot her. By law, they don’t have to tell us who he is. Basically, “what happens on Capitol Hill, stays on Capitol Hill.”

They also decided not to charge him with her death, even though the Medical Examiner listed her cause of death as “homicide.”

This is a hard pill for the public to swallow, especially since we’ve seen working-class cops all across America get called out publicly when there’s a shooting of a black man, and then watched in horror as BLM burned our cities and businesses to the ground and threatened the officer’s life.

Journalist Sharyl Attkisson is still trying to get an answer regarding who shot and killed protester Ashli Babbitt during the Capitol riot on January 6 and why the officer’s name is being kept secret.

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The Capitol Police officer who killed Babbitt has not faced any charges for doing so. Rumors are still swirling that the officer is in hiding because he fears for his life but there has been no credible evidence to support those claims or actions.


The first video they uncovered is just 19-seconds long, and all you see is the hand of the shooter holding and firing the gun. However, the one thing the sleuths zeroed in on was the “French cuff” on the the shooters sleeve. They claim that’s not in-line with a standard Cap police officer uniform. They also took note of the bracelet the man is wearing.

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Using that “cuff” and bracelet as their new hot pieces of evidence, the sleuths searched through piles of footage until they found what they believe is footage of the man who matches that cuff and bracelet.

See for yourself:


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