Those Missing Trillions, and the Fed: The GAO report on the Fed’s Quantitative Easing uncovered a secret $16 trillion feeding tube structured as revolving, low-cost loans to any bank (foreign or domestic) teetering on the edge. The loans started in December 2007 and lasted until at least July 2010.

by axolotl_peyotl While some are turned off by this type of conspiratorial financial jargon, this type of story honestly hits at the heart of the corruption and the wheelings and … Read more

FITTON: BIG ARMS SCANDAL: Smoking gun docs uncovered by Judicial Watch show Obama/Clinton were aware arms going to Syria through Benghazi and were warned about rise of ISIS, and they were supporting terrorists in Syria. Obama/Clinton created Syria/Iran mess.

by TFittonJW One of our most important finds in our 25 years of operation: BIG ARMS SCANDAL: Smoking gun docs uncovered by @JudicialWatch show Obama/Clinton were aware arms going to … Read more

Lindsey Graham: A ‘Bureaucratic coup’ Against Trump Being Uncovered… Sara Carter: “It Was A Silent Coup…. Andy McCabe Claimed in Memo That Rod Rosenstein Wanted to Stage a Soft Coup

Graham: There's a "bureaucratic coup" trying to destroy Trump — The Hill (@thehill) September 23, 2018 via thehill: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Sunday that there is a “bureaucratic coup” … Read more

FITTON: HUGE McCain IRS Scandal Just Uncovered that Media Won’t Tell You About–IRS Documents Reveal McCain Staffer Urged Lois Lerner and Obama IRS to “audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous.”

by TFittonJW Given their hysteria about the WH flag, I suspect the media won’t tell you about what we uncovered not too long ago:

FITTON:WHAT IS HAPPENING AT DOJ? Judicial Watch just uncovered more classified Clinton emails. DOJ is out to lunch on Hillary Clinton national security crimes. Anyone else would have been both arrested and prosecuted by now!

by TFittonJW Why is Judicial Watch carrying all the load on Clinton corruption? Background: