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“An oppressive religious state, showing very little tolerance inside its borders for the unrest and dissent that has found fertile ground elsewhere in the Arab world.

With unprecedented access to an intrepid network of young activists, Saudi Arabia Uncovered reveals the simmering dissent inside the secretive regime. It provides a rare look inside the country, bringing together footage from previously hidden corners of life. It documents prisons, public punishments, and defiance – behind closed doors and out on the streets.”


Many Saudi State police training in Phoenix Arizona and the British government has a training contract with them and refuse to share details. They catch a couple of people who have been to these places when they received their training for their job. They where on duty and it was recorded under cover.

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Phoenix Arizona Police Academy is training a tyrannical religious states police force? 

Many good nuggets including the thousands of Saudi’s who joined ISIS and Saudis Arabia sponsoring terrorism and Islam all over the world.

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Here you go.

This aired tonight on The Passionate Eye CBC Canada.

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Maybe it is an doc in the can and due to Canada day they re ran it. In light of the newly lifted woman driving ban they put this out there.

On Canada day…? In any event I am still blown away that they realy do not mince words with the billion of dollars the corrupt Islamic kingdom spends on ruthless social, military and “religious” totalitarianism and they train their jack booted agents in our counties?

If Hillary was president they would not be re running this me thinks…

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