Investors Are Fleeing Emerging Market Stocks At The Fastest Pace Since 2015; Entire Global Financial Spectrum Showing Major Crisis Upon Us

Investors are fleeing emerging-market stocks at the fastest pace since 2015 as the US vs China trade-war fears escalate. Emerging market stocks and bonds suffered the biggest daily outflows of 2019 on Friday, August 5th. Analyzing high frequency data from local stock exchanges and debt offices, the Institute of International Finance showed (IIF), found that $2.33 billion of portfolio money had been pulled from developing bond and stock markets on Friday – the largest daily outflows of the year.

“Friday’s Trade Tantrum II is now the 5th worst day for EM flows since (early) 2018,” the IIF said. The emerging market ETF had outflows of just over $1 billion on Friday, Aug. 2.

So there’s been a lot of capital outflows out of emerging market stocks in just the last week!

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In a strong global economy, there would be no possibility for current conditions to exist. There is no denying what we are seeing today. It’s widespread geographically as well as in relation to different sectors. This has gone into panic mode. But don’t worry because the Fed will reduce interest rates again in September….


Look across the spectrum. There are warning signals. Sirens are flashing. But just like a test fire alarm, people are immune. They have heard this all before. The Fed said they will extend the longest bull market in history with no consequences, and they’ll do just that…and now back to reality.


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