HONG KONG: Hong Kong grounds all flights as protest paralyzes airport.

via CNN:

Here’s the rundown:

  • All flights down: All departing flights were canceled, and more than 70 arriving flights were also stopped. In the early evening, the airport was filled with confused and frustrated travelers who weren’t sure if their flights had been canceled or not.
  • Protesters warn travelers: Thousands of protesters in the airport arrival hall warned arriving travelers, “Don’t trust the police,” and held up images of bloody clashes between protesters and riot police. Some shouted, “Turn back,” while others apologized for the inconvenience.
  • Anger at the police: Though the wider protest movement has a range of demands — including greater democracy — today’s demonstrations seemed focused at the police, who protesters accuse of brutal force and abuse of power.
  • A bloody weekend and bloody summer: Protesters are outraged about last night’s violent clashes with the police. One female protester’s eye was injured during the dispersal operation — which became a rallying cry for protesters today. Violence is fast becoming the norm as Hong Kong enters its 11th consecutive week of protests, which first began in June over a now-suspended extradition bill.


HONG KONG: Police ramp up force, firing tear gas inside Kwai Fong MTR station, as city rocked by more anti-government protest violence.

Tear gas was used after multiple warnings and MTR announcements that the station was closed and trains would not be stopping at Kwai Fong, except for additional ones arranged to pick up people already inside.

A man in protest gear was seen lying on the platform, with blood running from his nose, while other protesters were helping him. Video footage also showed a stationary train at a platform with people still inside.

There was more trouble later at Tai Koo station, with riot police charging inside to grab protesters who had been moving from one station to another.

Michael Yon reports:

Total panic mode. China wants to invade Hong Kong so badly. They make that clear. They already have troops stationed here. Just down the road.

They also know that the world reaction can be severe and the economic and political fallout can end the CCP just as similar reactions ended the USSR.

Yon is updating his Facebook fan page almost constantly.







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