Investors SELLING Massive Amounts of Stock Since September and Has NOT Stopped! Who Is Buying?

Investors are SELLING. Can people understand that it’s public information documented for everyone to see? But of course, the 7 shares of Amazon type investor doesn’t actually want to know information. They want to feel comfortable that each of their 7 shares are safe and warm in their beds sleeping tight. Sweet dreams little ones….Or you can just wake up to the reality that this entire bull market is exactly that: BULL!

You remember stocks crashing in the fourth quarter of 2018, right? Well technically, investors didn’t stop selling. Even right now, they’re still selling. How is it possible that stocks have risen tremendously you ask? Well, as I have documented previously, stock buybacks have been at a record pace and they’re the primary buyer right now in 2019. There’s just one problem. The stock buyback blackout period is beginning. Uh oh…


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Inverted Yield Curve Reminds Investors That Cycles End – Bloomberg

Inverted Yield Curve Reminds Investors That Cycles End – BNN Bloomberg

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