IOU’s To The Penny

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by Chris

The un(der)funded liabilities of the US accumulate at roughly 4x to 5x of the rate of cash burn, so on an accrual basis the total future ‘load’ of the US is growing by roughly 5 trillion dollars per year.

It doesn’t really matter though because it cannot ever be paid back, so it won’t.

All that’s left to be done is to continue to the lie for a bit longer and then shaft the bagholders at some later point.

Generational theft has already happened.  The Boomers went from “peace, love and question authority” to the most warmongering, selfish and short-sighted generation on record.  Quite the cultural whiplash when you consider the moral distance traveled in one brief generational lifespan.

See also  Daniel Penny to be charged with manslaughter for NYC subway chokehold that killed Jordan Neely

At any rate, the only question left to answer is “who’s going to eat the losses?”

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