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Source: PressTV

Intelligence report: Rioters exploiting people’s protests to damage public property 

A report reflecting a preliminary assessment of damage done to the public property during recent riots, which marred peaceful protests following the Iranian government’s decision to ration gasoline, shows that “trained saboteurs” exploited those protests to set public buildings on fire and attack police officers in various Iranian cities.

According to the report, which has been compiled by an unnamed intelligence agency and published on Sunday by Fars news agency, the total number of people taking part in protests has been estimated at 87,400, including About 82,200 men and 5,200 women most of whom did not cooperate with rioters, who damaged public places and attacked the police force.

The report, however, noted that post-gasoline rationing protests showed a new spike in violence compared to previous instances, which took place last year, with evidence showing that attacks on public buildings were totally organized.

The decision sparked rallies in a number of Iranian cities some of which were marred by violence as opportunist elements tried to exploit situation and ride the wave of peaceful protests at hiking fuel prices. Consequently, the demonstrations turned violent in some cities, and clashes were reported between security forces and certain elements damaging public properties.




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